New Zealand

In My Day: A highly-personal insight into the working life of a career nurse

Ever wondered what really happens in the wards and corridors of our hospitals and medical facilities? Wonder no more. In My Day is the personal memoir of a retired nurse who devoted her career to helping patients within the New Zealand health system. She’s written the book under the pen name Ann Nurse to protect …

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Speeches that Shaped New Zealand (1814-1956)

Speeches that Shaped New Zealand is a collection of 48 speeches that tell the story of New Zealand’s development as a nation.Through the eyes and words of those at the heart of landmark events, you’ll learn how our country was shaped. They include declarations of war and peace, stirring orations that changed our social attitudes and visions of New Zealand by those who led our nation’s journey.

Instant! Maori

Instant! Maori is an easy-to-use phrase book packed with hundreds of practical and down-to-earth words, sayings and phrases. Using phonetics, it enables readers to speak correct Maori in seconds.

LIVE: Gigs that Rocked New Zealand

Whether they played to a few hundred in a back bar or to 80,000 fans in a stadium, many of the world’s biggest music stars have performed in New Zealand. LIVE: Gigs that Rocked New Zealand is a beautiful coffee table book that celebrates 50 years of tours, concerts and one-off shows performed in New Zealand by our favourite acts.

The Sheep Whisperer

The Sheep Whisperer – with illustrations that will put a smile on your face – is billed as ‘a New Zealand fairy tale for grown ups.’ It’s the gift that’s just as suitable for the politically aware as it is for those who are sick of national politics.”

Our Land Our People

The modern farmer faces a constant battle for survival. Not only do farmers and their families cope with everything nature throws at them, they have to meet the challenges presented by technology, the environment and the way society raises the bar on farming methods.

Welcome to New Zealand

A celebration of Kiwi hospitality! Welcome to New Zealand is a collection of 450 photographs of New Zealand’s most interesting ‘welcome signs’ – the signs at the entrance to almost every town, city and village in the country.