The Sheep Whisperer

Layabout Kevin Dolittle is looking forward to a summer on the dole when WINZ thrusts him into action as a trainee shepherd.

Kevin soon discovers he can communicate with a flock of renegade sheep, led by Jonkey (who replaced an old ewe called Helen). It’s not just the sheep who get roasted in this satire of New Zealand politics.

This hardback book – with illustrations that will put a smile on your face – is billed as ‘a New Zealand fairy tale for grown-ups.’ It’s the gift that’s just as suitable for the politically aware as it is for those who are sick of national politics.”

Tom Davidson
Author Tom Davidson

This was the first book by the late writer-illustrator Tom Davidson whose comedy material has appeared on television (Pulp Sport) and radio.





Author: Tom Davidson

ISBN: 978-0-9864684-3-8

Hardback, 96 pages

15cm x 11cm landscape

RRP NZ$19.99 inc. GST