In My Day: A highly-personal insight into the working life of a career nurse

Ever wondered what really happens in the wards and corridors of our hospitals and medical facilities? Wonder no more. In My Day is the personal memoir of a retired nurse who devoted her career to helping patients within the New Zealand health system. She’s written the book under the pen name Ann Nurse to protect …

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Workshop inspires dozens of authors to get published

New Zealand’s bookshelves have been graced by more than a hundred books published as a result of Fraser High School’s adult community education programme. Dozens of successful Waikato authors have attended one-day workshops – called How to Get Published – since they began 10 years ago. Hurricane Press publisher Josh Easby leads the workshops – usually two or three a year – on Saturdays, enabling attendees to immerse themselves in the subject in a single workshop. They are held at Hamilton’s Fraser High School.

Speeches that Shaped New Zealand (1814-1956)

Speeches that Shaped New Zealand is a collection of 48 speeches that tell the story of New Zealand’s development as a nation.Through the eyes and words of those at the heart of landmark events, you’ll learn how our country was shaped. They include declarations of war and peace, stirring orations that changed our social attitudes and visions of New Zealand by those who led our nation’s journey.

The Tale of Poppy and Ed (paperback)

Poppy met Ed about 20 years ago. At first, he helped keep her life in line. But very soon, he controlled her entire life. Welcome into an eating disordered mind. In this intimate and searingly honest account, Cambridge writer Poppy Wortman provides the reader with her guide to Ed – her eating disorder.

At last – a guide to cybersecurity for business owners

Auckland IT specialist Daniel Watson has compiled a user-friendly guide to help New Zealand businesses understand the need for cyber security. Published by Daniel Watson’s company Vertech IT Services, the book was formatted by Hurricane Press for publication as an ebook and as a paperback edition.