The Complete History of New Zealand (in less than two hours) – (ebook edition)

This is perfect for those who want history in a hurry — this tightly edited ebook provides a readable and simple summary of New Zealand’s history.

It’s ideal for visitors to New Zealand or for students cramming for a history exam.

At the average reading speed of 120 words per minute, we reckon you’ll have a decent grasp of our nation’s history in less than a couple of hours.

Note: Originally published as an ebook in 2013, the Kindle edition is revised and updated annually.

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What the reviewers say

‘All you need to know about New Zealand’s past in the time it takes to watch a movie.’Hawkes Bay Today.

Peter Jessup
Peter Jessup

About the author

The late Peter Jessup wrote about New Zealand history and sport for more than 30 years, as a newspaper journalist and author.




Author: Peter Jessup

ISBN: 978-0-9876636-2-7

ebook format

RRP US$3.99

A print edition of this book is available for the New Zealand market. For trade sales inquiries, please contact Hurricane Press.