Speeches that Shaped New Zealand (1814-1956)

Many of history’s biggest moments have been epitomised in the words of a classic speech — words that live to capture the spirit and sense of the time.

This collection of 48 speeches tells the story of New Zealand’s development as a nation. Through the eyes and words of those at the heart of landmark events, you’ll learn how our country was shaped. They include declarations of war and peace, stirring orations that changed our social attitudes and visions of New Zealand by those who led our nation’s journey.

Most of these speeches will enlighten. Many inspire. All of them help us understand the people we are. The book is the work of historian and former Cabinet Minister Hugh Templeton, veteran political writer Ian Templeton and editor/writer Josh Easby.

UPDATE: A three–volume collector’s edition has been published in late 2021, bringing together almost 100 speeches in a neatly–packaged presentation case. The set is called Speeches that Shaped New Zealand 1814–2019.

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What the reviewers say

“This important collection of landmark speeches by leaders and agitators demonstrates the power of oratory to influence history and social attitudes, to inspire courage and to encourage change. The evolution of New Zealand as a nation between 1814 and 1956 can be traced through the significant speeches collected in this handsome volume.” – newsletter review, Unity Books, Wellington.

Hugh Templeton
Hugh Templeton
Ian Templeton
Ian Templeton








Josh Easby
Josh Easby

About the authors

Hugh Templeton is a former Cabinet Minister and diplomat who is the author of several books, fulfilling his passion for relating New Zealand history.

His twin brother, Ian Templeton, is New Zealand’s longest-serving political commentator, having worked in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Wellington for more than half a century.

Josh Easby is a writer, editor and publisher.

Authors: Hugh Templeton, Ian Templeton & Josh Easby

ISBN: 978-0-9876636-0-3

Trade paperback, 384 pages

15cm x 23cm portrait

RRP NZ$39.99 inc. GST

Trade inquiries for distribution: David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.