The Tale of Poppy and Ed (paperback)

Poppy met Ed about 20 years ago. At first, he helped keep her life in line. But very soon, he controlled her entire life.

Welcome into an eating disordered mind.

In this intimate and searingly honest account, Cambridge writer Poppy Wortman provides the reader with her guide to Ed — her eating disorder.

Note: This book has been published by the author. It was prepared for print publication by Hurricane Press. The first edition was published in November 2020 and was followed by a second edition a month later.

Author: Poppy Wortman

ISBN: 978-0-47354126-2 (first edition), 978-0-47355606-8 (second edition).

Paperback, 384 pages

14.8cm x 21cm portrait

RRP: NZ$40.00