Instant! Maori

Instant! Maori is an easy-to-use phrase book packed with hundreds of practical and down-to-earth words, sayings and phrases. Using phonetics, it enables readers to speak correct Maori in seconds.

New Zealand 50 Australia 0 (ebook edition)

Unashamedly the most biased sports book ever published in New Zealand! Jack Sharp reminds us of the fifty biggest shellackings ever served to Australia by New Zealand’s greatest sports teams. Sports include rugby, league, football, netball, cricket, basketball, yachting, horse racing,hockey and a few surprises.

The Green Guide to Beauty (ebook edition)

Choosing the right beauty care products can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you want the most natural ways to look your best. This easy-to-read guide provides more than 100 simple tips for finding beauty aids in everyday things.

Whatever Happened to Our National Dish? – (ebook edition)

If there’s one thing New Zealanders are passionate about (other than rugby) it’s the origins of its national dish, the pavlova. But for a nation so keen to worship this sugary dessert, it’s remarkably difficult for visitors to find it in restaurants. In this collection of stories, author Justin Brown sets out to find the ‘real’ New Zealand (and a plate of pavlova).

Whatever Happened to 80 Million Sheep? – (ebook edition)

Is New Zealand still the land of milk and honey, where men worship the gods of rugby, racing and beer and the women know how to whip up a pavlova for dessert? Author Justin Brown set out on a mission to find out what’s happened to modern New Zealand. Having turned 36½ and discovered by chance that’s the age of the ‘average’ New Zealander, Brown figured it was time he rediscovered the country he’d grown up in.

The Greatest Place to Bring Up Kids?

It’s often the reason why people move to New Zealand or Kiwis return home to live there – it’s the greatest place in the world to bring up kids. But is it, really? Generations of New Zealanders have plainly believed so. Author Justin Brown set out on a mission to find out whether it’s still true, or ever was true.

Some of My Best Mates are Metrosexuals

It’s tough enough being a man of the modern world – but in New Zealand, it can be even more so. In the land of rugby, racing and beer, the role of Kiwi bloke has been changing. It’s confusing when your hero All Blacks apply eye liner and your mates carry handbags.