The Greatest Place to Bring Up Kids?

It’s often the reason why people move to New Zealand or Kiwis return home to live there – it’s the greatest place in the world to bring up kids. But is it, really?

Generations of New Zealanders have plainly believed so.

Author Justin Brown set out on a mission to find out whether it’s still true, or ever was true. Having turned 36½ and discovered by chance that’s the age of the ‘average’ New Zealander, Brown figured it was time he rediscovered the country he’d grown up in.

Brown’s findings reveal a side to the nation you might not have expected. His light-hearted approach will make you smile as he tries to find out whether he’s raising his two young daughters in the best place on the planet.

Essential reading for Kiwis – and anyone planning to go to New Zealand.

Other titles in the Myth New Zealand collection are Whatever Happened to 80 Million Sheep?; Some of my Best Friends are Metrosexuals; Whatever Happened to Our National Dish?; plus, Myth New Zealand (All the Stories from Series One), which includes two bonus chapters.

What the reviewers say about Myth New Zealand

‘A guidebook that explains what makes Kiwis tick’ – Jackie Russell, The Times

‘An insightful humourous meander through our history with a look into our future’M2 magazine

I borrowed it off a friend and I’m not giving it back’ – entertainer and author Max Cryer

‘Justin Brown is the natural heir to Max Cryer, except he’s shorter and can’t play the piano.’ – RNZ National broadcaster Jim Mora

‘A humorous and provocative look at New Zealand and the way we see ourselves today’ – Book critic Graham Beattie

‘I would like to say I have read it, but my wife nicked my copy and is laughing so much reading it , she will not give it back until its finished!’ – Photographer Brendon O’Hagan

‘Comical, thought provoking look at our country.’ – Nicky Pellegrino, Herald On Sunday

‘Interesting book by an interesting writer ‘– Best-selling author Paul Little

‘A fantastic book.’ – Broadcaster Andrew Dewhurst

‘New Zealand has been missing a Bill Bryson-esque writer for some years. With Myth New Zealand I think you’ll find Justin Brown can safely assume that mantle.’ – Andrew Frame

Justin Brown
Justin Brown

About the author

Justin Brown is a writer, broadcaster and entertainer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has had more than 30 books published.




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