She’ll Be Right (Not!) – ebook edition

Cybercriminals are out there, trying to attack your business.

It’s up to you to stop them – and this book will show you how. She’ll Be Right (Not!): A Cybersecurity Guide for Kiwi Business Owners is an easy-to-understand guide to cybersecurity for New Zealand business owners, helping you understand the threats you’re up against and protect your business against cybercriminals.

For Kiwi businesses to thrive, they need to be protected. But do you know how vulnerable your business is to cyberattack?

The cybercriminal’s game is one of opportunity and exploitation. This book, written by cybersecurity expert Daniel Watson, teaches you how to layer up your protection and stop cybercriminals before they get their hands on your digital property.

Note: This book has been published by the author’s business, Vertech IT Services. It was formatted and prepared for digital publication by Hurricane Press. It is available at

About the author

Daniel Watson has been helping businesses keep secure and running smoothly as the owner/operator of Vertech IT Services since 2010. His specialities include cybersecurity, creative IT solutions, business development, and out-of-the-box technical solutions. Married with two teenage children, Daniel is actively involved as a Watch Assistant volunteer with the Spirit of Adventure Trust, as a leader in the local Sea Scouts Troop, and was a Sergeant with the Royal New Zealand Engineering Corps Army Reserve.

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