She’ll Be Right (Not!) (paperback)

She’ll Be Right (Not!): A Cybersecurity Guide for Kiwi Business Owners is an easy-to-understand guide to cybersecurity for New Zealand business owners, helping you understand the threats you’re up against and protect your business against cyber criminals.

I’m With the Band

Whether you want to make a living from music or play for fun, this is the essential guide to the New Zealand music industry. I’m With The Band explains everything you need to know from recording demos to signing contracts, from hiring a manager to protecting your music.

The Desk Closest to the Door

Working in media is a tough job — one of the toughest in sales. The competition is fierce. And it gets tougher every year. It does not have to be that way — there’s a solution. With the help of this book, media sales expert Mike Brunel will show you how to become an exceptional media salesperson.

No More Square Pegs

Hiring staff is a chore. It takes time, it costs money and it’s usually hard work. So it’s no wonder New Zealand managers too often hire the wrong people, pushing square pegs into round holes. Author Rob McKay explains how to hire the right person in this excellent handbook for employers.