The Green Guide to Beauty (ebook edition)

Choosing the right beauty care products can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you want the most natural ways to look your best.

This easy-to-read guide provides more than 100 simple tips for finding beauty aids in everyday things.

Why put up with mass-produced cosmetics made by chemists when you can mix your own potions from your herb garden or icebox?

Which fruit, for instance, will spectacularly whiten your teeth?

How can you use coffee grounds or leftover tea to enhance your natural look?

What the reviewers say

‘A great new book . . . a gem.’ — Dominion Post

‘A boon for lovers of all things natural.’ — New Idea

‘Full of tips to simplify and smarten your beauty routine.’ — Sunday Magazine

‘Would make a great little gift for someone special.’ — The Press, Christchurch

‘A little beauty.’ — Wairarapa Times Age

‘Full of tips to simplify and smarten your beauty routine.’ — Sunday Magazine

‘Super cute little beauty book.’ — Sunday News

‘Loads of tips.’ — HQ Beauty Magazine

‘Pocket pal for environmental enthusiasts.’ — Woman’s Day

‘Informative, locally–published, pocket–sized book of tips.’ — New Zealand Herald

‘Perfect Christmas gift .’ — M2 Woman

‘A must have!’ — Urban Living Magazine

‘Cool little book!’ — Thread website

About the author

Beauty writer Tania Malone George has been collecting natural beauty tips for years, in her role as a beauty editor for top women’s magazines.

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Author: Tania George Malone

ISBN: 978-0-9922556-9-5

ebook format

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