The Green Guide to Beauty (ebook edition)

Choosing the right beauty care products can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you want the most natural ways to look your best. This easy-to-read guide provides more than 100 simple tips for finding beauty aids in everyday things.

The Desk Closest to the Door

Working in media is a tough job — one of the toughest in sales. The competition is fierce. And it gets tougher every year. It does not have to be that way — there’s a solution. With the help of this book, media sales expert Mike Brunel will show you how to become an exceptional media salesperson.

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig is his collection of books in which he shares the twists and turns of his amazing life – stories that will always make you laugh, sometimes make you want to cry and could make you wonder about your own life and where it’s going.

Boaties’ Tales (ebook edition)

They say the happiest two days of a boat-owner’s life are the days he (or she) buys a boat – and the day they sell it. In Boaties’ Tales, writer Peter Jessup reminds us why that’s the case with a collection of stories that will amaze and amuse.

Fishermen’s Tales (ebook edition)

This ebook edition enables you to read Peter Jessup’s wonderful collection of fishing stories anywhere, anytime. Fishermen’s Tales is a collection of Jessup’s favourite stories, from the streams and coastlines of New Zealand to the rivers, lakes and seas around the world.