New Zealand

The Sheep Whisperer

The Sheep Whisperer – with illustrations that will put a smile on your face – is billed as ‘a New Zealand fairy tale for grown ups.’ It’s the gift that’s just as suitable for the politically aware as it is for those who are sick of national politics.”

Our Land Our People

The modern farmer faces a constant battle for survival. Not only do farmers and their families cope with everything nature throws at them, they have to meet the challenges presented by technology, the environment and the way society raises the bar on farming methods.

Welcome to New Zealand

A celebration of Kiwi hospitality! Welcome to New Zealand is a collection of 450 photographs of New Zealand’s most interesting ‘welcome signs’ – the signs at the entrance to almost every town, city and village in the country.

The Kiwi Beer Lover’s Cookbook

The Kiwi Beer Lover’s Cookbook is a recipe book with a difference. Beer is used as a key ingredient to bring fresh life to 145 classic Kiwi dishes — everything from roast lamb to Anzac biscuits!

You’re a Rugby Fan When …

You’re a rugby fan when . . . you want to cheer yourself up when the results aren’t going your way! This neatly–packaged hardback finds more than 100 ways to remind you what’s great about being a rugby fan in a way that makes you smile.

It’s a Real Kiwi Summer When …

The smell of charcoal from the barbie almost rises from the page in this hilarious collection of insights into what makes a Kiwi summer – complete with backyard cricket and sand that always sneaks into baby’s nappies. It’s a Real Kiwi Summer When … will raise plenty of smiles.

You’re a Real Kiwi When …

You can take the Kiwi out of New Zealand but you can’t take New Zealand out of the Kiwi! Humourist Justin Brown explores what it’s really like to be a Kiwi in this hardback collection that’s chocka full of great one-liners.

New Zealand 50 Australia 0

Unashamedly the most biased sports book ever published in New Zealand! Jack Sharp reminds us of the fifty biggest shellackings ever served to Australia by New Zealand’s greatest sports teams. Sports include rugby, league, football, netball, cricket, basketball, yachting, horse racing,hockey and a few surprises.