The Kiwi Beer Lover’s Cookbook

Beer is used as a key ingredient to bring fresh life to 145 classic Kiwi dishes — everything from roast lamb to Anzac biscuits!

Chef Sam Cook shows how beer can add flavour and other qualities to starters and dips, breads, soups, meats, poultry, fish, stews and desserts in this innovative and fun cookbook that’s easy to use.

What the reviewers say

‘Some of the recipes will have you raising your eyebrows in wonderment and perhaps even a little disbelief, but give them a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.’ — Jillian Allison-Aitken, Southland Times

‘Beautifully presented with great recipes … an innovative slant on reinvigorating some classic Kiwi dishes.’ — Robyn Yousef, Howick & Botany Times

‘If you want to get dad a little more keen on the cooking, show him this baby.’Herald On Sunday

‘The recipes are well set out with clear instructions, the ingredients are fairly simple and readily available and the photography is great.’ — Elaine Fisher, Bay Of Plenty Times

‘I can vouch for the Savoury Swirl Bread, by far the easiest loaf I’ve ever made and strangely addictive.’ — Sally Butters, House & Garden

‘A brilliant idea and even better that it was done in New Zealand.’ — Steve Joll, broadcaster and author of Blokes Who Bake

‘The layout of the pages is very clear, instructions easy to follow so even the most novice cook can have a go.’Wairarapa Times Age

‘A little masterpiece packed with mouth–watering colour illustrations of great dishes’ — Bob Molloy, Bay Chronicle

‘A great cookbook for everyday use . . . Highly recommended.’ — Jonathan Rees, Sunday Star Times

‘A well–written and interesting selection of recipes which are easy to follow’ — James Boucher, The Star, Dunedin

‘A great book featuring a wide range of wonderful tasty–sounding recipes.’Daily Post, Rotorua

‘Wonderful recipes – real Kiwi food.’ — Ed Taylor, Radio Wanaka

Afghan biscuits
Afghan biscuits
Fish boil up
Fish boil up
Venison chilli
Venison chilli






About the author

Sam Cook is the pen-name for an accomplished chef who has worked internationally, always experimenting with beer, cooking and combinations of the two!

Author: Sam Cook

ISBN: 978-0-9864522-1-5

Soft cover, 144 pages

21cm x 21cm

RRP NZ$24.99

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