It’s a Real Kiwi Summer When …

The smell of charcoal from the barbie almost rises from the page in this hilarious collection of insights into what makes a Kiwi summer – complete with backyard cricket and sand that always sneaks into baby’s nappies.

Jack Sharp raises more than 100 smiles as he captures what makes a New Zealand summer so yummy.

What the reviewers say

‘This is just the type of book I read at the beach!’ – Bruce McCord, Te Kuiti

‘That’s rubbish. I actually read it to him.’ – Janice McCord, Te Kuiti

‘Loved this book! I went out and bought all my overseas friends a copy.’ – Kit Packer, New Zealand Holiday Travel

About the author

Jack Sharp loves writing about all things Kiwi with his tongue firmly in his cheek (or a double scoop of hokey pokey). His other books include New Zealand 50 Australia 0 and You’re a Real Rugby Fan When …

Author: Jack Sharp

ISBN: 978-0-9864522-8-4

Hardback, 96 pages

11cm x 11cm

RRP NZ$9.99

For trade sales inquiries, please contact Hurricane Press.