Myth New Zealand (full collection)

This compilation brings together all the stories in Brown’s series of Myth New Zealand stories, plus a couple of chapters exclusive to this volume. Books in the Myth New Zealand collection are Some of My Best Mates are Metrosexuals; Whatever Happened to 80 Million Sheep?; The Greatest Place to Bring Up Kids?; Whatever Happened to Our National Dish?

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig is his collection of books in which he shares the twists and turns of his amazing life – stories that will always make you laugh, sometimes make you want to cry and could make you wonder about your own life and where it’s going.

How to Survive 103 Jobs and The Mob

How to Survive 103 Jobs and The Mob is John Dybvig’s side-splitting account of his ability to land weird jobs in any part of the world – working with everyone from child actors to professional wrestlers, and selling everything from miracle cures to Californian accents.

Anno Domini 2000; or a Woman’s Destiny

First published in 1889, this was one of the world’s earliest science fiction novels – a futuristic story in which women rise to positions of power and citizens travel freely in aluminium ‘air-cruisers’. Sir Joseph Vogel’s story is remarkable for the accuracy of his predictions for a world in the year 2000.