Myth New Zealand (full collection)

Bestselling author Justin Brown sets out to discover whether modern New Zealand is the same place he was promised when growing up in the 1970s — the land of rugby, racing and beer, 80 million sheep and number 8 fencing wire.

Brown performs a 21st-century reality check, seeking to learn whether the land of his birth is still the best place to bring up kids and what the future might hold for its citizens.

Having turned 36½ and discovered by chance that’s the age of the ‘average’ New Zealander, Brown figured it was time he rediscovered his country.

He challenged national sacred cows.

Did the ‘good keen bloke’ still exist in New Zealand? Can you still be a real man and use moisturiser? Were the summers of yesteryear really that much warmer than today?

Brown’s findings reveal a side to the nation you might not have expected. His light-hearted approach will make you smile as he tracks down Kiwis with the answers.

This compilation brings together all the stories in Brown’s series of Myth New Zealand stories, plus a couple of chapters exclusive to this volume.

Books in the Myth New Zealand collection are Some of My Best Mates are Metrosexuals; Whatever Happened to 80 Million Sheep?; The Greatest Place to Bring Up Kids?; Whatever Happened to Our National Dish?

Essential reading for Kiwis – and anyone planning to go to New Zealand.

What the reviewers say

‘A guidebook that explains what makes Kiwis tick’ – Jackie Russell, The Times

‘An insightful humourous meander through our history with a look into our future’M2 magazine

I borrowed it off a friend and I’m not giving it back’ – entertainer and author Max Cryer

‘Justin Brown is the natural heir to Max Cryer, except he’s shorter and can’t play the piano.’ – RNZ National broadcaster Jim Mora

‘A humorous and provocative look at New Zealand and the way we see ourselves today’ – Book critic Graham Beattie

‘I would like to say I have read it, but my wife nicked my copy and is laughing so much reading it , she will not give it back until its finished!’ – Photographer Brendon O’Hagan

‘Comical, thought provoking look at our country.’ – Nicky Pellegrino, Herald On Sunday

‘Interesting book by an interesting writer ‘– Best-selling author Paul Little

‘A fantastic book.’ – Broadcaster Andrew Dewhurst

‘New Zealand has been missing a Bill Bryson-esque writer for some years. With Myth New Zealand I think you’ll find Justin Brown can safely assume that mantle.’ – Andrew Frame

Justin Brown
Justin Brown

About the author

Justin Brown is a writer, broadcaster and entertainer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has had more than 30 books published.




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