Tangled Lines

Anthony Swainson has devoted more than half a century in search of the perfect day’s fishing.

His quest includes the rivers and streams of New Zealand, the raging East Coast seas and fishing trips halfway round the world. Tangled Lines is his collection of whimsical stories, relating his fishing odyssey.

What the reviewers say

‘Plenty of humour and wit . . . should be in every angler’s collection . . . a book to saviour and enjoy . . . a must buy . . . highly recommended.’ – Graham Carter, Fishing & Outdoors.

‘A truly great collection of fishing short stories.’ – Mark Kitteredge, NZ Fishing News.

‘Quirky . . . A relaxing read for a very reasonable price. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.’ – Brendan Coe, NZ Rod & Rifle.

‘Restores my faith in the printed word.’ – Rob Sloane, FlyLife Magazine.

‘Well written.’Whangarei Report.

‘Just right for some holiday reading.’NZ Trout Fisher.

‘Interspersed with some magical photographs of people, fish and scenery, this is a delightful book.’ – Boat Books, Auckland.

Tony Swainson
Anthony Swainson (1942-2013)

More by the same author

Author Anthony Swainson died in 2013 but he leaves behind a legacy of stories that we’ve published in a series of ebooks.

Five volumes of stories – some republishing chapters from Tangled Lines – have been published in digital format. Their titles are Hook, Line, Sinker, Landed and a compendium of the first three called Hook, Line & Sinker.

All Swainson’s ebooks can be bought from Amazon.

Author: Anthony Swainson

ISBN: 978-0-9864684-0-7

Hardback, 172 pages

26cm x 19cm landscape

RRP NZ$34.99 inc. GST

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