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Welcome to New Zealand

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by Josh Easby

A celebration of Kiwi hospitality! This is a collection of 450 photographs of New Zealand’s most interesting ‘welcome signs’ – the signs at the entrance to almost every town, city and village in the country.

It’s a fascinating alternative to the usual pictorial books of New Zealand, whether you want it as a gift for a visitor or to remind yourself why we’re such a friendly nation.

The book has been widely acclaimed, featuring on TV One’s Breakfast (Paul Henry: “It’s brilliant”) and TV3’s Campbell Live.

What the reviewers say

‘A lovely cheerful book and we guarantee it will be well looked at, put down and picked up again.’South Waikato News

‘Quirky and beautifully presented.’ – Coast FM broadcaster Rick Morin

‘An excellent picture book.’ – Natalie Gauld, editor Hawkes Bay Today

‘A quirky glance at some of our known and not so well known town entrances.’Daily Post, Rotorua

‘Most interesting.’ – John Key, Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism

‘Shows why Kiwis have a worldwide reputation for friendliness.’Timaru Herald

‘The best way to show off the character of our country.’ – Kit Packer, New Zealand Holiday & Travel

‘What a hoot!’ – Mark Bunting, radio broadcaster

‘Enjoy provincial New Zealand from the couch.’ — Ana Samways, NZ Herald‘s Sideswipe columnist

‘Fantastic book.’ — Paul Henry, television and radio broadcaster

‘Lots of fun!’ — James & Gretchen, More FM Southland

A sample of what’s inside the book

Josh Easby

Josh Easby

 About the author

Josh Easby is a writer and publisher who lives in Cambridge, New Zealand. He compiled the collection of images in this book while completing a four-month road trip to every town, city and village in New Zealand.




Author: Josh Easby

ISBN: 978-0-9864522-0-8

Soft cover, 128 pages

25cm x 18cm (landscape)

RRP NZ$19.99

For trade sales of this title, please contact Hurricane Press.

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How to Survive Travel as a Loud American

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by John Dybvig

Have you ever had the urge to walk out on your life – to stop and start again?

Californian John Dybvig has made a habit of it. He’s travelled the world, changing jobs more than 100 times in search of happiness. He’s done everything from coach professional sport to acting roles in Hollywood blockbusters. He’s left a trail of broken relationships but finally found true love to become a dad at 50 and a house husband at 60.

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig is his collection of books in which he shares the twists and turns of his amazing life – stories that will always make you laugh, sometimes make you want to cry and could make you wonder about your own life and where it’s going.

Follow this larger-than-life lunatic as he rampages through the United States, Australia and New Zealand in a quest for contentment.

How to Survive Travel as a Loud American is Dybvig’s comical account of his efforts not to fit in while living abroad. If you ever wondered how the stereotypical loud American traveller came about, you’re about to meet him.

Other books in this series are How to Survive as a D-List Celebrity, How to Survive Falling in Love on the 3rd Strike, How to Survive as a Sports Jock with Attitude, How to Survive 103 Jobs and The MobHow to Survive as a New Dad at Fifty and How to Survive as a Big Actor with Small Parts.

The entire series (with bonus chapter) is available in a single ebook collection – The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig.

* Some of the stories in this series have also appeared in our print memoir of Dybvig’s chaotic life, The Two of Me.

What the reviewers say

‘John is a great writer. Honest!’ – Graeme Hill, Radio Live.

John Dybvig

John Dybvig

About the author

John Dybvig is a writer, broadcaster and actor who coaches speech and basketball (usually against his best judgement). He’s often described as the loudest man in New Zealand. He lives in Auckland.




You can preview and buy the ebook at Amazon here:

Author: John Dybvig

ISBN: 978-0-9922542-2-3

ebook format

RRP US$2.99