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Digital edition of New Zealand forest restoration book goes international

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Hurricane Press has helped publish a digital edition of The Forest for the Trees, a 128-page guide to the ecological restoration of native forest and wetlands in Waikato, New Zealand.

The book, by Wayne Bennett, focuses on the use of eco-sourced native trees shrubs and other plants in his superbly illustrated publication.

Bennett has published the book through his consultancy business, Forest Flora NZ, and it is available at no cost on the digital platform issuu.com.

This makes the book available globally and accessible to anyone with access to the internet and any device – a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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Click here for more information about The Forest for the Trees

Click here for more about Forest Flora NZ


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The Forest for the Trees (digital edition)

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by Wayne Bennett

This is an extensive and user-friendly guide to the ecological restoration of native forest and wetlands in Waikato, New Zealand, focusing on the use of eco-sourced native trees shrubs and other plants.

Note: This book has been published by the author’s business, Forest Flora NZ. It was designed and prepared for digital publication by Hurricane Press. It is available at issuu.com.

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Wayne Bennett

About the author

Wayne Bennett has had a lifetime of experience propagating and growing native plants of the Waikato. Wayne started collecting seed and propagating plants to regenerate native bush around his new home near Ngaruawahia. He has more than 25 years of experience establishing native trees and observing the natural succession of native plant species.



Author: Wayne Bennett

ISBN: 978-0-473-45475-3

digital format


For sales or editorial inquiries, please contact Forest Flora NZ.

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The Complete History of New Zealand (in less than two hours) – (paperback)

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by Peter Jessup

This is perfect for those who want history in a hurry — this tightly edited paperback edition provides a readable and simple summary of New Zealand’s history.

It’s ideal for visitors to New Zealand or for students cramming for a history exam.

At the average reading speed of 120 words per minute, we reckon you’ll have a decent grasp of our nation’s history in less than a couple of hours.

Note: Originally published as an ebook in 2013, the Kindle edition was revised and updated in June 2020. This paperback edition was updated at the same time.

You can preview and buy the ebook at Amazon here:

What the reviewers say

‘All you need to know about New Zealand’s past in the time it takes to watch a movie.’Hawkes Bay Today.

Peter Jessup

Peter Jessup

About the author

The late Peter Jessup wrote about New Zealand history and sport for more than 30 years, as a newspaper journalist and author.





Author: Peter Jessup

ISBN: 978-1-9767626-2-8

paperback format

RRP US$16.99

A print edition of this book, published in 2011, is available for the New Zealand market. For trade sales inquiries, please contact Hurricane Press.

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Paperback edition of Stranger Than Fiction now available

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Hurricane Press has published a revised and updated paperback edition of Mike Chunn’s wonderful Stranger Than Fiction, his personal story about New Zealand band Split Enz.

The 322-page paperback edition, released in April 2019, is available worldwide through Amazon, who also distribute an e-book version.

For more information, see Stranger Than Fiction (paperback edition) at Amazon.

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Updates for Kindle edition of our history book

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Hurricane Press has published a revised and updated edition of its best-selling ebook The Complete History of New Zealand (in less than two hours).

Peter Jessup’s 18,000-word summary of New Zealand’s story was first published as a print edition in 2011 and then as an ebook in 2013. It’s been regularly updated since.

One of the benefits of digital publishing is the ability to update books. The Kindle edition of the book is available from Amazon, the world’s biggest distributor of ebooks.

For more information, see The Complete History of New Zealand (in less than two hours) – ebook edition.


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New volume captures the essence of rural New Zealand

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Agribusiness specialist Ross Hyland is passionate about farming and farmers.

His coffee table book Our Land Our People visits more than 20 innovative farms throughout New Zealand, searching for stories behind them and explaining why they are examples of farming excellence.

Hyland’s words and photographs capture the essence of rural New Zealand.

More details about Our Land Our People are here.

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Our Land Our People

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by Ross Hyland

The modern farmer faces a constant battle for survival.

Not only do farmers and their families cope with everything nature throws at them, they have to meet the challenges presented by technology, the environment and the way society raises the bar on farming methods.

Despite these obstacles and through innovation, courage and sheer commitment, farmers and their businesses continue to thrive in New Zealand.

Author and photographer Ross Hyland toured New Zealand in search of the farms and farming families who are setting the standard for excellence.

Join him as he finds those who so admirably represent our land our people …

About the author

Ross Hyland has been involved in agriculture across New Zealand for well over forty years as a farmer, agri-businessman and feed miller.

He has been a director with Lincoln Agritech, sat on the University’s Research and Commercialisation committee and Chaired the Lincoln University farms committee tasked with re-invigorating the University’s engagement with the farming community. He chairs the University of Auckland’s AgriTech and FoodTech commercialisation team.

Ross was also the principal author of the red meat industry’s ‘Pathways to Long-term Sustainability’ report in 2015.


Author: Ross Hyland

ISBN: 978-0-47343360-4

Hardback with jacket, 272 pages

20.6cm x 29.7cm portrait

RRP NZ$59.99 inc. GST

Trade inquiries for distribution: David Bateman Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.

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Football with a smile

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Waikato writer Jeff Neems is now a published author after Hurricane Press compiled a collection of his popular magazine column, Football Dad, and published them as an ebook.

Having enjoyed the humourous stories about a football-loving parent willing to go to great lengths to help develop the next generation of international players, Hurricane Press managing director Josh Easby asked Neems if he could make the work more widely available.

“Anyone who has tried to be a supportive parent for their kids’ sports activities will relate to Football Dad. It’s not just applicable to football – it could be about any sport, anywhere in the world.”

More details about Football Dad are here.

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Instant! Maori now available as ebook

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The highly successful Maori-English phrase book Instant! Maori is now available in ebook format.

Having sold tens of thousands of copies in print, the ebook edition has been published by Hurricane Press and is being distributed by Amazon, the world’s largest distributor of electronic books.

Instant! Maori, by Nick Theobald and Paul (Paaora) Walker provides a street-wise guide to speaking Maori in a way that’s sure to bring a smile.

More details about Instant! Maori here.

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Instant! Maori

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by Nick Theobald and Paul (Paaora) Walker

The English-Maori phrase book that’s fun – and helps you speak Maori in seconds!

Instant! Maori is an easy-to-use phrase book packed with hundreds of practical and down-to-earth words, sayings and phrases. Using phonetics, it enables readers to speak correct Maori in seconds. The content includes the short and long version of what to say on a Marae (Maori meeting house), how to introduce yourself and family, and heaps of practical phrases you can use every day.

This popular guide also has a sense of humour – sections include how to speak to your pets, a selection of pick-up lines and even provides verbal exit strategies if you find yourself surrounded by gang members!

With Instant! Maori in hand, you’ll be able to ask everything from will you marry me? to does my bum look big in this?, and all with perfect pronunciation.

The print version of this book has sold tens of thousands of copies in New Zealand and internationally, proving to be equally popular with tourists who want to enjoy and understand the Maori language, and language students (young and old) who want to speak their country’s indigenous tongue.

About the authors

Nick Theobald was born in Wellington and has produced six other highly successful Instant! phrase books: Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Japanese, Hindi and German.

Paul (Paaora) Walker was born in New Plymouth has B.A. in Maori from Waikato University. Affiliated to Te Atiawa and Taranaki, he lives in Auckland with his family.

Preview this ebook and buy it from Amazon here:

Authors: Nick Theobald & Paul (Paaora) Walker

ISBN: 978-0-9941359-0-2

ebook format

RRP US$2.99