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Fishermen’s Tales (ebook Edition)

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by Peter Jessup

Fishermen’s Tales is a collection of wonderful and often hilarious stories about those who go fishing.

For if there’s one thing the typical fisherman enjoys almost as much as catching fish, it’s telling stories about fish. Everyone has a ‘fishy story’.

Veteran writer Peter Jessup has been collecting such tales for more than 30 years as a writer and fishing enthusiast whose work has been widely published in New Zealand magazines and newspapers.

Fishermen’s Tales is a collection of his favourite stories, from the streams and coastlines of New Zealand to the rivers, lakes and seas around the world.

As incredible as these stories seem, all of them are true. Honest.

What the reviewers say

‘Perfect for a lazy afternoon read.’Daily Post
‘Fantastic book!’ — Andrew Dewhurst, Radio Sport
‘Definitely a keeper and not just for fishos.’ — Bob Molloy, Bay Chronicle
‘Interesting and informative.’Hawkes Bay Today
‘Easy and entertaining read.’NZ Dairy Exporter
‘Entertaining!’NZ Fishing News
‘Funny, scary and guaranteed to entertain.’Whangarei Report

This is the companion edition to Jessup’s book Boaties’ Tales.

Both books are available as ebooks and as hardback print editions.

Peter Jessup

Peter Jessup

About the author

Peter Jessup has been writing about sport, fishing and history for more than 30 years. He’s based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Author: Peter Jessup

ISBN: 978-0-9922556-7-1

ebook format

RRP NZ$5.99

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Great Sporting Rivals (UK/Australasia Edition)

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by Joseph Romanos

They excite and inspire us, frustrate and disappoint us – when great sporting rivals meet, we live each moment with them as their fortunes fluctuate.

Over the past century, we have witnessed many superbly matched opponents in a wide range of sports.

Who can forget the marathon matches played by John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, the nail-biting fights between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, the generational clash of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer or the match-ups between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird?

In this collection, award-winning sports writer Joseph Romanos relives the classic stories of 15 great rivalries. His stories reveal fascinating insights to the worlds of boxing, athletics, men’s and women’s tennis, football, basketball, rugby, motor racing, golf and Olympic skating.

Joseph RomanosThe author

Joseph Romanos has been a journalist and author for more than 35 years, focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on sports-writing. He has written 43 books, many of a historical nature.

He has been a sub-editor, general reporter, sports reporter and feature writer and editor, and is currently a columnist for several New Zealand daily newspapers. In addition, he makes regular appearances on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon and Nights programmes, and Brendan Telfer’s Radio Sport show.

Preview this ebook and buy from Amazon here:


Author: Joseph Romanos

ISBN: 978-0-9922556-6-4

ebook format

RRP US$3.99