Hurricane Press publishes digital magazines capable of being read online and using reading devices such as tablets or smart phones.

The beauty of digital publishing is the low cost of production and ease of distribution, making it a popular for companies and not-for-profits (such as sports clubs) who want modern and efficient ways to reach their customers.

We publish a quarterly magazine for the not-for-profit Friends of Football group. Traditional print was not an option because of cost and the difficulty of reaching readers, many of whom live overseas.

The digital option is working well – so much so, FANZ: The Football Magazine won a national award for Publication of the Year.

The winning entry was created from concept to delivery in less than a week when national champions Auckland City FC caused a huge upset at the FIFA Club World Cup, prompting the need to publish a special issue.

If your organisation wants to consider electronic publishing – whether you need an operations manual, a promotional document (even a book!) or a newsletter/magazine, ask us.

We’ll be happy to take you through the options.

Meanwhile you can check out our award-winning magazine FANZ here: